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Who is Chris Marr?

Chris Marr, also known as The Authoritative Coach, is a renowned coach and mentor, based in the beautiful city of Dundee, Scotland. With over 1000s of hours of coaching experience with companies of all sizes, Chris has established himself as a true expert in his field.

Prior to launching The Authoritative Coach, Chris was responsible for leading, training, and coaching all They Ask, You Answer coaches across the world. He is the first certified They Ask, You Answer coach, demonstrating his commitment to staying at the forefront of his profession.

Aside from his extensive coaching background, Chris is also a Stoic Practitioner and Philosopher, fascinated by human behaviour and dedicated to studying anything and everything that can help him understand people better. Chris’s passion for continuous learning and professional development is unwavering and evident in his ongoing pursuit of knowledge.

Chris’s experience, expertise, and commitment to his profession make him one of the most sought-after coaches in the industry. With his knowledge and insights, he helps businesses and individuals achieve their full potential and reach their personal and professional goals.

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Stop people pleasing, challenge your clients, and be indispensable


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